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Stolen machines - British collection

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:25 pm
by JC
Back in Issue 35 (May 2009), I reported a number of stolen machines, which were taken among other personal items in a house burglary. The owner (Richard Goddard) and I felt it would be useful to have details of those machines recorded 'in print', and it now seems appropriate to post details online. For those who did not have the opportunity to read the original article, here it is. I shall also post colour pictures shortly.

Re: Stolen Machines - British collection

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:41 pm
by JC
Here are the colour pictures of Richard's stolen machines, including some that were not published in the original article.

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:32 pm
by cheeky
Hello fellow slotties,

Have the villains responsible for this theft been captured yet?

Now someone out there must know what has happened to these machines. The collectors' community is so small that I am sure we can find out where they are.

What do you think? :idea:

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 6:09 pm
by arrgee
Hi Cheeky, absolutely no sign of my machines. :-x

The police initially thought that they would cause a 'buzz' with the local 'bad boys' and that they would get to hear of their whereabouts, they didn't, not one whisper.

I decided it was time to move on months ago and so I am now re-engaging with this fascinating hobby.

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:24 pm
by cheeky
I would suggest they were definitely stolen to order but they won't want all of them. One or more will turn up again at some point, Ebay being a favourite!

Got be one for " BBC TVs Crime Watch", as these machines are so rare and identifiable!

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:58 pm
by ilovemyjukebox
I may know nothing about allwins but I do know a thing or two about crime...

I would doubt very much that they were stolen to order. Unless you have some very dubious friends.

My guess would be that they will eventually appear either at a boot sale or perhaps on Ebay.

Even when they appear I'm afraid it will be very difficult to prove that the current owner has not bought them in good faith and is disposing of them as is his want.


Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:30 pm
by coin-op
ilovemyjukebox wrote:it will be very difficult to prove that the current owner
has not bought them in good faith and is disposing of them as is his want.

If the original owner can correctly identify them as his machines and shows that he has reported them missing surely that must count for something. Also, the person in possession will have no evidence that he ever paid for them (and maybe no likelihood of ever having had the cash to do so). I know these thins can come down to evidence, but it seems a bit bleak to say that the owner is at such a disadvantage :eek:

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:47 pm
by ilovemyjukebox
I'm afraid that for a lot of the time the real (or first) owner is at a disatvantage even if he can prove that he owned the item
and that it was taken without his consent.

What needs to be proved is that the new owner knew or believed the goods to be stolen.That's not easy when
the new owner says he bought the item at a boot fair and paid £200.

With allwins its even more difficult because the avergae man on the Clapham Omlibus would have on idea what an allwin
would be worth.

I feel like the grim reaper .... Sorry

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:56 pm
by cheeky
An opportunist nicking a load of vintage slot machines. I don't think so!
As for the defence, it will be an interesting one. I suspect that with wide enough publicity, the perpetrators will be found and, "I paid £200" for this down the market won't wash either.

Let's at least start recovering some of those machines and let the courts decide on ownership.

Anyway, drop an email to BBC and wait for the call! :roll:

Re: Stolen Machines

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:06 pm
by ilovemyjukebox
Why do you think it strange that a opportunist thief would steal coin operated equipment?
In my experience a thief will take what they can get away with...

Defences to the offence of handling stolen goods are readily available to look at on the internet so I won't
bore you with replicating them here. I would think that the culprit (or innocent purchaser) would have a very real
chance of getting away with the I bought it down the market for £200 defence.If it ever got to court because
the CPS would be unlikely to run with the charge in the first instance.