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Re: Bingo machine on ebay

Postby moonriver » Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:37 am

Bingo machine the same cabinet as Roulette and Darts, floor standing. I've had a few of these. They look quite heavy, yet you can easily put both arms around them and lift them off the ground - deceptively light.


Re: Bingo machine on ebay

Postby jingle » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:04 am

Is it the one with really dark pictures
If so it's only 200
If it's not and it's the bigger bingo machine
Like the one on the jamiesons pictures slotalot as put up
Were you fire pinballs on to the play field
Then 250 is cheap by my reckoning

Oh I liked the wording
Ian jamiesons picture use
For private use only
2 of them machines are mine
Who gave him the rights to use them
Cheek of it,,I may get the police !SHOOT! !SHOOT!

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Re: bingo machine on ebay

Postby pennymachines » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:50 pm

Lousy pictures, but if it's working as advertised, £200 Buy-It-Now seems very fair. Still, it's been on for a while now but nobody's gone for it. !PUZZLED!
slotalot wrote:You can find info on Jamiesons and others here...
Some super pictures there Slotalot. CoNgRaTs

The Jaleco Basket Bull looks a decent game with coin payout (more commonly ticket redemption on these), but probably too modern for the likes of us: 1993 arcade flyer.

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Jamieson Mini Golf/Bowl/Match, Royal Flush etc.

Postby coppinpr » Tue May 19, 2015 12:55 pm

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The Jamiesons "Royal Flush" I bought from the John Morley auction arrived today thanks to Steve's £10 delivery service and I'm very pleased with it. As I bought it through an absentee bid this is the first time I've seen it in the flesh so to speak. Considering the state of most of the machines in that auction this is in remarkable condition. A fairly modern machine it's true, but the case is near perfect (if a little dirty) and the glass and playfield are A1. It even has its original little red ball.

front start .jpg
I know this is not a popular machine and as a '70s machine (I think) it's a bit modern but it is interesting and unusual in many ways so I thought I'd give everyone a tour round it.

I guess it qualifies as an allwin-type machine, although in fact it is a no win machine, as the best you can get is a free go. Insert a coin and a timer starts (adjustable by the operator); you then repeatedly fire the ball allwin-fashion in an attempt to light ALL the playing cards in the given time For this you get a free go. Not the most appealing game I've ever seen.

The works are complete. I know this because I found an instruction manual and wiring diagram still in its original factory packet in the coin box. The instruction book is very interesting as it details each part of the cycle and which components operate each function and in what sequence.

The machine is not quite working yet (I was not surprised at this) but it's close. All the lights work and all the many many switches and solenoids look fine, but the timer is locked up somehow so it's hard to tell if it will work or not.

I'm no good at electrics and play very careful around them, so I'm going to need help sorting this out, but in truth it's very simple inside (although a little long winded for what it does). There is a very small and simple components board inside (not a circuit board as such - just two capacitors, I think) and four what look like transformers, all linked up in a line. The meat of the electrics are over 20 micro switches and more than a dozen solenoids.

back inside.jpg
front inside.jpg
The coin hits a switch and starts the timer. All the timer seems to do is release the ball and hold the solenoid in during the time span. Each time the ball falls through a new card slot, the light comes on and a solenoid trips on the back board. If all the solenoids trip during the time span, the free play button goes live and you can start the cycle over again.

I think the switches and solenoids are OK. The lights and bulbs are OK. I need to test the component board, timer and transformer, but don't know how to go about it, so help please.

full inside.jpg
Externally, this machine will come up like new. This is what I'm good at, and I'm looking forward to doing it. The electrics look, to me, to be very simple and I'll be happy to spend some money on replacement parts if needed, but I don't have the expertise to attempt it so, once again, help please.

One of the most unusual features is the lock. When I first got it, the key was in and appeared to just turn round and round doing nothing, I nearly drilled it out. Then I vaguely remembered seeing a lock once that was simply a screw bolt that screws into the rear door holding it shut, but you can only unscrew the bolt with the key in the lock. Sure enough, this is the case. You just keep turning the key till the door falls open. The plus side of this type of lock is that when you close the door you can tighten it right up with no play in the door gap.

An interesting machine and one that is rare in that it represents the very end of of the era. There is much about it that highlights why this type of machine died out. The makers didn't seem to know which way to go to save the situation and their demise was, like this machine, on the cards!

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Re: Royal Flush

Postby slotalot » Tue May 19, 2015 2:41 pm

Hi Paul. Looks like you had a lucky buy with this one :cool:
I have a couple of other Jamieson machines in my workshop right now, they were brought to me for repair by a collector who got them from the same auction, sadly not as good condition as yours due to bad storage, but they will be fine and dandy once finished.. !SAINT!
Any chance you can post a copy of the wiring diagram and manual and I will see if I can help with some " distance healing" on this one :oops:

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Re: Royal Flush

Postby coppinpr » Thu May 21, 2015 1:07 pm

Will definitely put the wiring diagram in to Resources but it can't happen for three weeks I'm travelling in the USA till then. Thanks for the offer to help, I really need it.

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Re: Royal Flush

Postby slotalot » Thu May 21, 2015 1:16 pm

I know I said distance healing, but you didn't have to go that far away !PUZZLED! .......... !!USA!! ....................................................... /\UK/\

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Re: Royal Flush

Postby bryans fan » Thu May 21, 2015 2:54 pm

coppinpr wrote:
Thu May 21, 2015 1:07 pm
...can't happen for three weeks I'm travelling in the USA till then.
I see you are still struggling to come to terms with retirement then! :lol:

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G'day from Brisbane

Postby lebowski » Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:58 am

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Hi All

I just picked up a Jamieson Mini Golf wall machine which has lead me here. I don't see these often in Australia and not my usual thing but it looks cool. I have a small collection of 80s and 90s pinballs and arcades and a Rockola jukebox. I probably enjoy the hunt and restoration more than actually playing so its not often I buy a working machine.

Will start looking through the forum and will post a few questions soon about the Mini Golf game.


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Re: G'day from Brisbane

Postby gameswat » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:34 am

There was a series of Jamieson's electro-mech wall games dating early 1970s similiar to and including your Golf, that were definitely exported here to Australia in some numbers because we were operator/dealers and purchased quite a few straight from operators in the '80s and early '90s. And I've seen others around Aust so somebody was acting as an agent here.

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