Aristocrat Sheerline Cabinet

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Aristocrat Sheerline Cabinet

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Back when I started collecting bandits I did the typical noobie thing and bought a machine, sight unseen, from the interweb. When my Sheerline arrived, the courier placed it on the ground and the wooden cabinet literally disintegrated. I was left with a pile of bandit scrap and some rotten panels. Oh, and the cabinet had lost the cash payout tray. Anyhow, my son took pity on me and, using the scrap panels as a template, built me a new cabinet out of MDF (with a stainless steel roasting tin as a cash tray! The wife never mentioned it had gone missing). It looks really good and it proved the mech was in good order as the machine plays and pays exactly as it should - lovely. Now it is time to see if I can restore this machine with an original cabinet and cash tray. The Sheerline door is of the lifting kind and I would be interested in buying a spare should anyone have one they are willing to part with.

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