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brigham wrote:PS. It's as far as you can go on an Oyster!
The image of badpenny sitting on an oyster and looking lugubrious, whist being transported down Turkey Street via said oyster, is beyond visual comprehension. %|%
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I thought that meant looking like a chick pea.
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Mr. "P" should consider soliciting funds from Club members so as to keep the stamp in the U.K.
We could then gain some great publicity by gifting the stamp to the Queen whose collection is missing this one item.

not a good idea, old British slave economies that continued under absentee slave owners after the abolition of slavery are definitely"out of fashion" at the moment. If all the statues of BP were removed and publicly destroyed it might help (not that he was involved in the slave trade it would just be a good idea !PEEP! )
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