Advice with a Castle Front Needed

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Re: Advice with a Castle Front Needed

Post by marktol »


I always have the same dilema. Ive always wanted one of the castle fronts but bit too bigger restoration for me. To get the front cast's looking as they should would be a real challenge, you either need to be very good at masking or have a very steady hand to paint free hand.

If it were just the mech that needed servicing I would be very interested.

Best of luck with the sale,
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Re: Advice with a Castle Front Needed

Post by treefrog »

Boy, I would be tempted but, circumstances as they are, for another time I suspect. I love a machine with history as St Osyth is 5 minutes from where my Mother lives and I often take the dog for a walk there...... Maybe I will be able to twist Terry's arm to consider charitable cases !SERANADE!
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Re: Advice with a Castle Front Needed

Post by terry »

Come on lads where is your sense of adventure? @&@ A little bit of painting and polishing may prove to be quite therapeutic! Actually it's the mechanical tinkering that fills me with the most dread. Give me an allwin with a ball bearing rattling around in a wooden box any day! Are bandit mechs quite easy to service then? This one looks nice and clean with no rust or missing springs but the coin is a bit reluctant to drop into the escalator (probably a bit dirty) and the reels are a bit sluggish and don't spin for long (haven't a clue but seems to be the case with all bandits I buy). If it's a straightforward job I may have a bash at the paint job myself.
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Re: Advice with a Castle Front Needed

Post by badpenny »

Terry ......

I'd adore it matey.
I've bought machines from you in the past...... and would happily do so again.

Personally I wouldn't do very much if anything to the paintwork, any more than I'd respray Joanna Luvley errr...... Lumley.
I'd service the mech and display it to play it...... wow I think I've just invented a catchphrase for those of us who like to see them as they appeared in back street arcades.

Sadly I already have half a dozen GW wall bandits, a pair of 30s pinballs, a Tura Bell, Hi-top Bonus, Jennings Governor, Bryans Clock, ditto with fruit bowl face, Bullion all awaiting a tinker, none of which I know are of any use to you.
Actually having just awoken myself to that lot has given me the Heeby Jeebies. :shock:

Jeremy ........ display it to play it
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Re: Advice with a Castle Front Needed

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Jeremy ........ display it to play it
Isn't that the official police description of a "flasher" ??

J Peterson
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