Bell Fruit Strike

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Bell Fruit Strike

Post by plupke123 »

Good evening.

I am looking for the scorpion 31-428-001 issue 2 (Texas) MPU

can anyone help me ?

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Re: Bell Fruit Strike

Post by badpenny »

Hello there ....

I doubt anyone here can help, but you never know.
Predominantly we are all decrepit old sods who were born in The Victorian era.
Our interest in coin operated/slot machines tends to circle around purely mechanical three reelers and wooden boxes with a ball bearing in them.

Whereas I didn't comprehend a single word of your OP after "I am looking for the ...." and that you were asking for help, I got a strong sense you may have been talking about something related to electrikery. A substance not familiar to all of us, but we hear it may be the future, and also that it hurts.

I wish you every luck with your mission and await to see if any other members here are more informed about the Black Arts of which you mention.

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Re: Bell Fruit Strike

Post by larry_d »

Don't touch it !!!!!! You can get a shock from that new fangled electricty stuff :shock:
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Re: Bell Fruit Strike

Post by dickywink »

hi plupke123

The Place for all the information you require regarding restoring and parts for old Fruitmachines and lots more can be found here ...

Hope this Helps
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