Challenging Bradley...Help required!

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Challenging Bradley...Help required!

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Finally got around to restoring an old Bradley Challenger bought in bits some time ago and whilst, I'm pleased with the aesthetics, I have to confess that the mechanics remain a mystery to me.
As I understand it, the pennies that are released from the crank on the coin slot end up stacking in the columns until a column is full. Once full, a further crank on the coin slot lever will push the vertical rod (A) down, thus turning the horizontal bar (B) around which brings the "beak" of the brass bars attached along its length in contact with the cams located on the individual columns which, in turn pulls away the wire from the base of each column thus releasing the pennies contained therein.
What I don't understand is this....
What happens (or is supposed to happen!) whereby only that column of coins is released? As it stands, every time a coin is released via the coin slot crank into the machine, the vertical rod would shift downward turning all the brass bars (as they are all fixed to it) in theory pushing all the cams out and thus releasing all the pennies in all the columns at the same time?!! (In practice, it doesn't because the tension against all the cams is just too great!)
Grateful for any help!
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