Bryans Bumper

Building a slot machine from scratch? You're not alone in your madness.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by gameswat »

Awesome job Fruitbowl! And thanks for sharing pics. Hope to see the mech next.........maybe based on one of the other patents out there...?

john t peterson wrote: Sun Mar 28, 2021 6:44 pm Note to Gameswat: Here is your next project. Art has your name all over it.
I have far too many surviving machine projects JP. Someone once tried to commission me to make a very small run of a lost early US machine. There was enough info with a patent and a woodcut drawing, plus that collector owned all the other known pieces by the maker to pattern from and some original spares (of the surviving machines that is), but after a few days thought I told him I'd need some part of the original machine to get excited enough by the job to dedicate many many months of blood, sweat and tears. And now after 130 years with nothing turning up doesn't seem likely it ever will.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by arrgee »

Stunning job fruitbowl. **xXx**
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by fruitbowl »

Here are some pics of the inside this time. It's basically a clock mechanism with additions.
The exterior chrome fittings I made from 8mm and 10mm steel sheet using a laser cutter
to cut them out. They're really strong, no chance of breaking.

I made the case to split in two, making it easier for maintenance - four nuts and bolts securing the top half. You can just see the nuts in the pics.

In total I guess it took a few hundred hours from start to finish.
Bryans Bumper.JPG21.JPG
Bryans Bumper.JPG20.JPG
Bryans Bumper.JPG19.JPG
Bryans Bumper.JPG18.JPG
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by wembleylion »

WOW, absolutely brilliant workmanship. !!THUMBSX2!! **xXx** !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by pennymachines »

It looks 100% Bryans inside as well! :o
I'm blown away by this. Truly inspired. Are you sure you didn't have an original to copy? We're going to nag you until you post a video.

I'm sure a few of us would be eager customers if you went into production with it.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by luckystar »

Great idea, do you have to press the handle down or can you thump it? Is there a connection with the little weight that goes up the scale for the win? Would love to play on it - you will have to put a video of it working on this site. Pete.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by JC »

Absolutely stunning, a very impressive machine - I hadn't imagined they were so big. I also didn't realise they basically operated on a Clock mechanism. When you thump the thumper, is that what winds the clock?
So I guess you have an empty Clock case lying around now - certainly done in a good cause; we can live with one less Clock.
Just one point (before someone else mentions it) - you might want to rethink those counter-sunk pozi screws on the mech brackets? Slotted round heads of some description would be more appropriate. Black Japans probably the easiest to obtain.
And at the risk of repeating others - video please!
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by fruitbowl »

You push the handle down rather than thump it. The key is skill rather than strength.
Yes JC, I must change those screws.

Question of production run?
I have no plans to build another one. The first one was a challenge - that's where the fun was for me. To make another would be a bit too repetitive; I'd rather use my time on other new projects.

Ebay has kindly given me some free listings so I guess it's a good time to move it on. It's only gathering dust and taking up room. Best let someone else get some fun out of it. I have the pics and video; that's good enough for me.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by ddstoys »

You have done an amazing job on that one. So many skills involved.
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Re: Bryans Bumper

Post by aristomatic »

As others have already posted, looks to be excellent work in producing this. However, after reviewing the video, I was left underwhelmed at the actual gameplay..? No slight to work in this. It just lost my attention very quickly...
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