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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby clubconsoles » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:15 pm

Thanks Bill Gates, ant idea what it made?

bill gates
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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby bill gates » Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:32 pm

I didn't stay mate. I went to the Coventry auction after having a quick look around the EH.

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby panda999 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:00 am

The Jennings turned up during the morning, and I believe it went for around 1,250 to 1,300 but could be wrong.

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bryans fan
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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby bryans fan » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:41 pm

Mademenicole wrote:Does anybody know results of EH auction from today ??

Lot 68 Hen Egg Vending
Lot 86 circle skill wall machine
87 shield catcher
88 electric amuser
89 allwin
90 French Oracle
114 ABT Big Game Hunter
116 Pee Nee Golf
120 Allwin
207 Derby Wall Machine
225 Ruffler Fill em up
304 Oliver Whales Victory ball
353 Pool Tote Wall Machine

Thank you !

So did no one go then?? :lol: ;-)

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby jimmycowman » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:46 pm

Not me, I went to Coventry...... I would have gone if it was next Sunday...........

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby clubconsoles » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:49 pm

yes that's what i was thinking, the EH auction and Coventry were both busy yet no one wants to post.
I thought this forum would be buzzing with members wanting to discuss their surprises and dissappointments at BOTH venues !PUZZLED! :!?!:

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby bryans fan » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:58 pm

jimmycowman wrote:Not me, I went to Coventry...... I would have gone if it was next Sunday...........
Same applies to me.

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby brianh » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:07 am

Couldn't get to either auction so had to resort to an absentee bid at EH. Did in fact win that one at quite a bit lower than my top bid so at least shows they don't up it artificially to the top bid, but of course I'm buying blind and relying on pics so will be interesting to see what I got for the money! Point about this is that I would also have put absentee bid on an item at the Coventry auction had that been an option. I appreciate it isn't, and that you can't beat the experience of attending "in the flesh" but it seems that EH had over 300 absentee bids so is there a chance that Coventry could look at the logistics for this next year if the situation arises? I may be shot down in flames for this suggestion and it may not suit the purists but it could "up" the income needed to run the event.

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby coppinpr » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:11 pm

Well I went to Coventry..of course.. !SAINT! I bought two machines, the Chinese front jennings,which needs some work(which I like to do) and was cheapish and an Electric amuser allwin which is in very good condition and was also cheapish, The chinese front was on a rare "three pulls for 3d" and the original UK payout card lists the JP as "20 cigarettes" ,paid by the attendant unfortunately not the jp unit (question.. I wonder if its possible to hand load the JP with fags and it will pay out :!?!: )

Also bought a few spares including a gold award unit for £2 :o and the operating bar for it for another £2 but was disappointed on the whole with the spares selection this time, no back doors,JP units or complete mechs,and ,as in recent years, less and less machines suitable for "projects", there were several bags of washers which seemed like embarrassing lots to me
Loads of coins on offer and I did buy a mass of 3d coins for the Chinese front :cool:

I sold all five lots I entered,2 for more than expected and three at exactly what I estimated they would go for.

What occurred to me when I got there was,there were,as expected, machines there I wanted to try for,I dare say that would have been the case at EH but that didn't matter as I couldn't buy them all so I didn't feel I was missing anything at EH, I got what I went for and one machine I hadn't bargained on. I cant say for sure of course because I didn't go to EH but I wouldn't be surprised if the selection, quality and rarity of the allwins at Coventry was superior as a whole and the bidding reflected this as prices seemed to me quite high.

I sat with a forum member from Holland making a special one day trip to the auction for the first time, he enjoyed it very much but prices were too high for him to buy and ship.

A pity about the "2 on the same day" problem,wouldn't it have been nice if they had been on Sat and Sunday THEN I would have gone to both :cool:

There were,as usual, a few strange occurrences ,1, the auctioneer,who is as good as any Ive ever seen, continually failed to read the descriptions correctly because he said ,and I quote, " if I bring my glasses down from my forehead I wont get them up again" :!?!: 2, Jerry managed to bid and buy a machine he didnt know he was bidding on :lol: 3. BP admitted printing a large number of the auction lot numbers on the wrong side of the sticky labels :tut 4. the biggest buyer on the day left an expensive Bryans machine behind at the end,presumably as a tip for the auctioneer :D

bottom line...Il go again..anytime !!THUMBSX2!!

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Re: Elephant House Auctions

Postby treefrog » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:08 pm

Well I am never shy to say it as it is.....
Nope never went to Coventry, yup went to the Elephant, yup probably regret it as well..(sort of as ended up machineless)

As usual left it too late as had planned to view at Elephant then go onto Coventry, but time was close so stayed at the elephant as there were two non slotty related items I was after and got one of them.

It was bloody rammed, you could not move, so many people and machines it was mad. I had an idea who most were and realised with the large number of Emanuel signs the auction had attracted a lot of sign collectors and of course also xmas shoppers....I have no idea how they got all the gear in the room, a lot of bigger machines

Anyway with so many bloody absentee bids, Steve I guess had a struggle getting them ready for start, so we were delayed by 30 to 40 minutes. It also meant it added overall time throughout the auction. We finished I think around 6pm maybe later. Also paying did not start until half way through, so I got out by about 6.30. People from the the Coventry auction stared turning up before the halfway point...Still plenty of cake and sparkling wine and the annual xmas hamper raffle

So it occurred to me I could have gone to Coventry, paid and gone on to the elephant and not missed much...there you go

On top of all that I never bought a single slot related item as prices as usual were crazy (a positive sign still in some ways

Can't comment on which auction had better selection as both looked to have a good mix.....one or two items sold cheap of course if they met reserve, the Bryan's Double Top and the Pace console was cheap given it had been in two previous auctions not meeting reserve and the buyer told me he got it.

Will be interesting to see prices from both auctions once published

I think our spares seller has dried up on a lot of the items you are talking about and may not attend any of them in the near future, so I hear ;-)

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