Future slot machine auctions poll

Discuss our on-site auctions and other slot machine auctions.

If there was a live slot machine auction...

I might attend as a buyer only
I might submit 1 or 2 machines
I might submit 3 or 4 machines
I might submit 5 or 6 machines
I might submit 7 or 8 machines
No votes
I might submit 9 or 10 machines
No votes
I might submit more than 10 machines
No votes
Total votes: 27

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Re: Future slot machine auctions poll

Post by jimmycowman »

I think it's a case of wait and see at the moment. EBay is pants and Steve's idea is OK for the time being. But to me it's not the future. I don't want to seal bid 700 for a machine when the under seal bidder bids 600. You would never know.....
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Re: Future slot machine auctions poll

Post by geofflove »

I’ve only got into the ‘sport’ in the past year or so so never had the opportunity to attend a live auction for these. I’d be delighted to attend as a buyer.
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Re: Future slot machine auctions poll

Post by badpenny »

Nil desperandum old fruit!
There are many in this hobby who .....
....... are of an age not sympathetic to a drop of Covid, don't forget vaccination doesn't guarantee against contracting the virus. Many are still unnerved.
....... have SWMBO who humour us in the hobby, but have the last word on what we do, go, breath etc.
....... having had so much time on their hands over the last 18 months and no auctions/sales to help fill the time, they want to BUY, not sell.

Look at Steve's site, he has 14 machines for sale. That's half as many our poll indicates. He'd never attempt to run a live auction with 14 machines any more than I would. Nor would I blindly bid on a machine I've never seen let alone touched, played or looked inside.
It'll return as it was, when the organisers have confidence that weeks of work organising an event won't suddenly be terminated by a close down and a loss of monies paid up front. And when collectors want to sell as well as buy.

That's all it will take.

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Re: Future slot machine auctions poll

Post by arrgee »

Been away for a few days and only caught up with this !!THUMBSX2!! - buyer
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