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Test Your Skill

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I bought this Test Your Skill game from a collector in Somerset last year and finally collected it yesterday. His wife spotted it in an antique shop where, all covered in white gloss paint, it looked like a kitchen cabinet.

I've not seen one quite like it before and it carries no manufacturer's label. Judging by the case style, I think it can't be later than the early 1920s and the simple dropcase game is typical of this period.

Most significantly, the appearance of a swastika on a British machine guarantees a pre-WWII date. The symbol was in use for over 3000 years, before it was appropriated by the Nazis, and symbolised health, life, luck and prosperity among other things.

You insert a penny in a slot on the right side and flick it up over the pins with the brass trigger. The aim is to get it down the centre column to release the token payout lever at the bottom. If you miss, there's a fair chance the penny will return (depending upon which pins it hits) via the right or left channels. The brass tray at the bottom catches the coins and tokens. Because there are no pins above the centre column, I guess it really can claim to Test Your Skill.
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