Pace Bantam

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Pace Bantam

Post by geofflove »

After spending quite a time on restoring allwins and vintage pinball machines I’ve finally invested in my first bandit. This one didn’t need any restoration. Just a bit of a polish up.
A bit of a learning curve. I couldn’t work out why the jackpot wasn’t operating until a realised that as I was running it with the front door open I hadn’t spotted that replacing the door lifted the latch on the jackpot!

Thanks those who offered help with some nickels. Once they arrive I can get it properly filled up. I fear it won’t be my first.
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Re: Pace Bantam

Post by dutchboy »

Wow, that’s a nice machine! Enjoy it. I am jealous. !THUMBS!
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Re: Pace Bantam

Post by highfield »

Great machine Geoff !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Pace Bantam

Post by arrgee »

I like the look of that Geoff - keep us posted.
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