Jentzsch and Meerz Corso

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Jentzsch and Meerz Corso

Post by treefrog »

Bought this machine eight years ago now, one of two sold by Elephant House. At the time when getting home, it did not work properly, so with so many ended up back of the queue “one day must sort”

Someone looked to have restored both machines and they have lovely wood cabinets, unlike many other German disc machines. Odd one for Jentzsch and Meerz and must be end of their line of machines.

Anyway, got out and found the fault very quickly, a single wire had disconnected, voila…..lovely glow it gives :cool:

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Re: Jentzsch and Meerz Corso

Post by grains »

Looks superb and it has a very nice glow effect, nice and warm bulbs and well before the time LED's were in production I guess.
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Re: Jentzsch and Meerz Corso

Post by cheeky »

Lovely resto. Top job! 👏
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Re: Jentzsch and Meerz Corso

Post by badpenny »

I love to see care and effort spent on these.
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