Mills Hi top 4 reel

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Mills Hi top 4 reel

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I've had this Mills Hi top for about 35 years and have now decided to renovate it. The thing is all the information I can find refers to Mills 777 three reels, in fact I've never seen a four reel 7777 in any of the photos or articles I've seen on the Net.Is this an uncommon machine?
Also as it has an illuminated menu that is in pretty scratched condition, does anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Any help would be appreciated

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Nobody replied to you yet?

That is a very rare machine, mate. Jennings made the first 4-reeler mechanical (the Buckaroo) in 1955, and it was such a success that Mills and Pace copied it a year later. The 4th reel made the long odds 160,000:1 allowing much bigger jackpots, typically 2000 coins or more. Aristocrat made a 4-reel version of the Arcadian, but not until 10 years later.

I wouldn't like to guess how much this is worth. The model only ran for 5 years and not many were made - a few hundred, maybe. There was a limited market and it didn't sell as well as the Jennings and Pace. Jennings Buckaroos come up on Ebay occasionally and I've seen a Pace, but not one of these. Does it have a serial number? May be engraved on the base plate. It needs a bit of work - pity about the horrible crude paint job! Many standard Hi-Top parts should fit.

Here's a picture of one with a flashy chrome case. For good measure, I attach photos of the Jennings and Pace machines. All pics from Marshall Fey's book.
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Post by bill »

Hi Enclosed a picture of Mills 4 reeler i have
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Re: Mills Hi top 4 reel

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I restored a few of them. (See picture)
Never heve seen an illuminated award-card.

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Re: Mills Hi top 4 reel

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What a stunning machine! Bit surprised at the payouts though, for such high odds and a 25c stake, $15.00 seems a bit mean!
Beautiful though, good job. :D
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