Several allwins on ebay

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Re: Several allwins on ebay

Post by sarg »

sarg wrote:The U-Select-It was £1000 buy-it-now last week, dropped to £850.
Another 200 off down to £650 !THUMBS!
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Re: Several allwins on ebay

Post by raj »

The upper of the two 5 Wins has parts missing (coin entry and ball release, for starters) and the lower one has had a new base and an ugly 1D sign stuck over the token entry slot. The owner claimed it was 'totally original' but never replied when I queried his description.
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Re: Several allwins on ebay

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and I thought the "u-select it" photo was a bad attempt to sell, this one is on gumtree, seems the machine pays on Lemons, very rare

crap photo.JPG

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